Monday, March 13, 2006

Blizzard of 06

Wow, what a snow storm. I have drifts in my yard exceeding 6ft. My second car won't see the road till This is JohnnyB. He's the best!!

This was the next day after I dug myself out again from plowboy's overnight visit. Who needs 24 fitness? All you need is a shovel.

And this is much better...the sun...yes!!! I missed the sun.

Isn't it pretty in the sun? It's turning out to be a beautiful day but it's just going to ice over and be hell in the morning! This weekend I have to try and dig out the Daewoo before it's battery goes dead. It's to the left of the Grand Vitara and hardly visible. No easy task.

The skiing should be awesome now. Wish I

Looks like my security camera there in the bottom right corner bit the dust.


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