Friday, April 28, 2006

Whew, I've been so busy clearing out that room that I haven't had time to post but here's another pic to put in the room. I had to use posterboard for the pad between the pic and the frame. A custom made one for this size frame would have cost $12 but I bought the large sheet of poster board for $2. Ya gotta be savy to save money these days.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

I got the fabric for my curtains today and the best part is they had it up here on the mountain at our general store called The Oak Trunk so I helped our local economy and got some really cute cabin style fabric. The print has bears, squirrels, fish, deer, log cabins, canoes, it's perfect. It will be for the windows on 2 walls and the green plaid is to cover the closet opening (no door there) and a single french door on the same wall. I got extra to make throw pillows and to incorporate into my wall hanging below, I'll switch out the blue bears. It's starting to come together now and JohnnyB will be painting the room next month.
Next I found this really cool mirror on ebay and won it today, cute huh? It's metal and measures 11 x 14.
The pic is small but this is an area rug I bought on ebay today, it measures 3 x 4 1/2. Very cute.

These are 2 prints I also found on ebay too. Ebay seems to be the best place to locate log cabin style items.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Khiori had an idea for a log cabin quilt hanging and that reminded me that I bought fabrics to make such an item years ago on ebay and never made it so here is a pic of the center of it and the fabrics I can use in a log cabin style border.

and thanks again Khiori for reminding me! Now I just have to find time to make it.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Spring Redo

Ahhhh, finally a sunny Saturday. It puts me in the mood to redecorate the 2nd bedroom. Right now it's a junk room but I want to turn it into a guest room and craft room with a log cabin theme so when my friends or family come up, they'll get the full effect of a mountain vacation.

So, I'm looking for ideas and places to find log cabin style items. I'm going to go with a deep, dark red on the wainscoting around the bottom half of the room and the tan color for the top half and a deep green for the chair rail and trim. The room has a dark wood ceiling.

Any ideas for my "Lake Gregory Lodge" out there?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I'm "Hooked" On Sushi

Yes, me, the Oklahoma girl who always thought of sushi as bait is hooked. A little over a year ago I decided to quit being a baby and try it just once so I can get these California "what, you've never had sushi?" people off my back.

I went with Regina who got me started with salmon since I already liked it cooked. It was good but awkward to eat, I was surprised that I liked it though and slowly I started wanting it more. Recently a new sushi place opened up near my home and I'm addicted now.

My favorites are the maki rolls, especially the crunchy rolls. The Dragon Roll is spicy and has eel on it, the Salmon rolls have lot's of flavor. Nigiri is good too, especially the salmon and yellowfin tuna. If you are new to sushi and are leary, go with something you already know like a shrimp roll or crab roll but don't be afraid to try something new. Here's a website that can take the mystery out of sushi and make your first sushi experience a fun one. Oh and if you're ever in the San Bernardino Mnts area, try the Silverwood Lake Sushi Bar & Grill on highway 138. Yum or should I say Oishii!

Sushi Faq