Saturday, May 20, 2006

Finally took the time to cover that ugly sofa and uncover my fishing lamp and I hung up my fishing rod rack, pretty cool. Ignore the devil kitty who just had to be in the pic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the lad had a broken fishing pole he would not part with - so i used it as a hanger for a small wall hanging of a fisherman I had sewed for him ... his curtain rod was a tree limb taken right out of the yard. froma a sprout of a neighbor's tree we didn't want... guess we let it grow a while before we chopped it down. then he had the shark's jaw and the wooden fish with that blurb about fishing in a corner... oh his room in CA was total bobby ewing let me tell ya. [yeah, cept for the one 4 foor spot that was all yankees] hee- looks fab... and i only see a cute kitty.. no devil kitty.. :)

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