Saturday, June 10, 2006

I put up a few more pics tonight. The one in the center was frustrating. This pic was a 19 x 19 1/2 print and I planned to put a 3 inch wide suede mat and then a really nice manly wood frame, HOWEVER, since it was not a standard size, I had to go to the custom frame counter at Michaels. The price? $ kidding. Well, that is, I came home, trimmed 3 1/2 inches off the sides and used a 16 x 20 frame I had around the house. The price? $0.00. Do they think I'm stupid or something?

I also made this sign tonight that hangs above the door of the room. Now just what is the dog house? Well I have several male friends who are married or living with women who drive them nuts. Constantly nagging and whining about something or other so I jokingly told them that I should advertise and rent out the room to these guys when they can't take the heat at home and they thought it was a good idea. The room comes with free beer, home delivery menu's from the local pizza places and 1 free porn pay per view movie a night...oh and absolutely no nagging or whining either. I bet that room would be full up every


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