Friday, June 23, 2006

Next Project

The Porch...right now it's a porch. Small, old, rotting and not much use and it has to be replaced so I figure if I live on mac n cheese and bolonga for the summer and no (God that will be hard) I will be able to afford to make it bigger. JohnnyB is going to extend it out in front by about 2-3 ft and about 4-5 ft on the end and put another set of stairs going down the back of it so now I'll have a deck, not just a puny porch. Also this time were not going to paint it, but stain it as the paint just get's peeled off in the winter when shoveling the snow. This new deck will be big enough to have friends over and relax out there and hopefully will increase the value a little bit too. Here is what the old porch looks like now. JB will be getting started next week and i'll post pics of the progress.


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