Sunday, December 31, 2006

Before and After

I'm painting the living room to tone it down. The green was just too over powering and if I am going to sell this house come spring, it needs to be less harsh so I went with light neutral wall colors and kept the same draperies. Why not get new drapes? What, do I look like I'm made of money? Anyway, so I went with a cream colored wall to brighten up this small, dark room and found some cream colored hand made paper like before. I'm only about 25% done but here's a preview and the before and after pic. What'cha think?



Any thoughts? and if you hate it, keep your mouth shut because there's no way I'm taping this window off and painting it again!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

First snow this winter

Not a bad one, about 4-6 inches, but an icy one so we've had a ton of accidents up here over night. Car is cleared off (God I love remote start) but there's still an icy berm in front of the driveway. JohnnyB will take care of that for me. Safe to say, the ski slopes are open!