Friday, October 01, 2010

Latest Crime Wave...Pumpkin Stem Theft

Yes, you heard me right. Stores that sell pumpkins are noticing the stems disappear from their pumkins and most of them probably aren't aware of why. They just think bored kids dragged to the store by their parents are pulling them off for fun but that isn't the case. The perps they should be looking for are sweet looking women of all ages who are swiping the stems to make velvet or plush pumpkins.

Never heard of velvet pumpkins? Where have you been? They are the latest rage for fall. You take various sizes of velvet or velour fabric, cut it into rectangles, fold over the edges and sew, leaving enough room to thread cording through it. Sewing up the short side leaving enough room to add the stuffing them pull the cords and both ends super tight, leaving the top end open enough to insert the REAL pumpkin stem, stuff, glue gun here and there and viola...velvet pumpkins.

Their beautiful and very profitable. I've seen them listed for as high as $78 a piece so sweet ladies are going into stores, looking left, looking right and breaking off pumpkin stems because each one is gold to them.

I admit I want to make some myself but I don't want to steal stems so I went to go buy some pumpkins and found my local Ralph's stores pumpkin patch full of stemless pumpkins. Heck, maybe the perps actually work at the store and the stemmed pumpkins never even make it to the sales floor.

At any rate, it is bad karma to steal the pumpkin stems so stop that! Buy the whole pumpkin, clean it out and save the meat for pie or bread, toast the seeds, make a jack o lantern and make a beautiful velvet pumpkin and you'll more than get your money's worth.


Blogger jaz@octoberfarm said...

omg...i just bought a bunch of these stolen stem pumpkins. i am an accomplice to a horrible crime!

3:21 PM  

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